Thursday, January 12, 2006

I'm new too!

I love this knitalong idea! I'm doing my initial version in dark green Wool-Ease, which is turning out cushier than I thought - can't wait to wear it! I'm moving this weekend so have been sneaking in a few rows here and there in between packing...

One question. It's really too late now, but I'm wondering if my crochet cast-on was correct. I assumed "back loop" did not mean either "side" of the chain part of the stitch, but rather the loop on the back of the sitch if the front is the chain. Just wondering if I'm going to have any difficulty unraveling the waste yarn to do the second sleeve.


Blogger Christine said...

You should be ok, pretty much any of the part of the loops will pull out. At worse case, if one of the loops gets stuck, you can snip the waste yarn when you get there. Glad you joined us!

7:16 PM  

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