Thursday, February 09, 2006

I'm in training, too

Hi everyone. I'm gearing up for the Knitting Olympics. I'm using the Cashmerino (my largest yarn purcha$e in a long time) and I finished swatching today. I'm pretty close on stitches but my row count is long. I'll keep an eye on it. Right now I'm working on the provisional cast-on so I don't get hung up on that and ruin a promising start.

The kicker is that recently (okay, yesterday morning), I decided not only to try knitting continental instead of English, but I also switched directions. As a leftie, I've always knitting mirror-image to what is normal (right to left); now I'm going the same way as everyone else. And I plan to do Tubey continental, the normal way.

It's not as hard as it sounds because I've always carried my yarn in my left hand, it's just that I was knitting in the opposite direction before, and throwing instead of picking. At least tension is not a problem. Right now my speed is not so good, but I am getting faster every time I pick it up and I'm hoping that the 16-day challenge will turn me into a speedy continental knitter by the time it's all over.

Or maybe I'm just an idiot.


Blogger meranie said...

Man, you're going to do Tubey for Knitting Olympics, AND change from lefty-knitting to continental?? You **are** amazing. I am a righty who was taught by a lefty so I knit from right to left... and I rather like it. I do need to compensate and twist my purl stitches, but other than that... it just makes more sense to me.

I think you'll do fine. You've got me cheering for you!

5:54 PM  
Blogger Atla said...

Wow, um, good luck with that!

6:00 AM  

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