Friday, December 28, 2007


I don't know how I forgot to post this here, but I finished my Tubey back in March!

Cross-posted from my blog:

Tubey #2

The name is inaccurate because, while this is the second Tubey I started, it's the first one I finished.
Yarn: Karabella Aurora 8 (sorry, I forget how many skeins)
Size: Small, and I probably should have gone with a medium, but even though it's very clingy, I still love it. I just block it a little wider when I'm going to wear it to work. (UPDATE 9/5/07: small turned out to be a good thing - I've lost a fair bit of weight since I made this, and Tubeys need to be form-fitting.)
Needles: Swallow casein dpns and Denise casein circulars (size 6 or 7)
Gauge: 20 st./4in. The row gauge changed considerably (13%) between the two needle types.

I changed the color combination twice AFTER I started knitting, which involved several froggings of most of the torso section, and a secret-ninja cut-and-graft on the elbows. (I must have knitted 2-2.5 times the surface area of the sweater in the process.)

This is also the first sweater I've made that has my husband's raving approval; in his words: "I'd buy this one for you in a store".

Like a lot of what I've knitted, this sweater is closely associated with certain points in time. I cast on the weekend I decided to quit my job (back in September), knitted most of the shrug section during the particularly stressful last few weeks of my time there, and then finished it in the month-long, at-home vacation I took to recover after I quit.

Lessons learned on this project:
- just because the colors look good in a heap doesn't mean they'll look good in stripes: stack the balls in the stripe order you have in mind to make sure the transitions don't look wierd
- a sweater that looks fitted on someone with a smaller bust-to-waist ratio will look clingy on me, even when we have the same bust measurements
- clingy can still be really flattering
- check your row gauge on BOTH needle types
- Aurora 8 stands up remarkably well to frogging, but doesn't like a lot of friction in the knitted fabric