Friday, March 31, 2006

Tubey as finished as it'll ever be

I've finished my Tubey but am not happy with it at all. The shape of it just doesn't go with my body, probably I did it too large even though I used the measuring advice and did a size smaller than I usually do. More reasons to unravel the whole thing are found in my blog. There is another picture too.

Does knitting the whole thing and unravelling it again qualify for a gold star?

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

It's one hour from done...

I'm posting here in order to shame myself into weaving in the ends and tightening up the neckline tonight. I finished the whole thing a week and a half ago, but haven't taken care of the ends or taken a picture of the completed garment. I want to figure out some way of stiffening up the neckline a little bit. You might not be able to see it in this picture, but the ribbing's rolling out a little bit.

I thought about the "Hello, ladies!" potential for the stripes, so I put that dark stripe in there so that it straddles the underwire area. I'm hoping for two things -- one, no undue attention drawn to region and two, maybe the illusion that my ribcage is narrower than it actually is. We'll see if it works.

All done with the lifesaver roll tubey!

I finally finished Tubey this past weekend. Actually, I finished the knitting last week, but procrastinated for a bit of time on weaving in the ends.

I made the smallest size (first time ever for that) and used the following colors/amounts of yarn:

Mission Falls 1824 Wool
6 balls Charcoal
under 2 balls Rhubarb
under 2 balls Basil
less than 1 ball each of Damson, Squash, and Lilac

I finished it just in time to wear it once, but I doubt I'll get to again before the weather warms up. It's a great project though -- I really enjoyed the ingenious construction.

More photos and commentary on my own blog post.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Too Boobey for Tubey!

*Sigh*. I love this sweater - great pattern. However, a shrinking gauge and optical illusions make for *ahem* a voluptuous sweater, but not in a good way!

Details and pics over on my blog. Note: somewhat adult language is used!

Will definitely cast on for this sweater again!

Have a great weekend folks!

Would you hurry it up!?

Dear Tubey,

I know you love me making you. I know you love to feel my hands as the yarn slips through them to knit you, but it's supposed to get chilly here this weekend and there's only about 2 inches left before I'm done knitting you, so could you please move it along??? It seems like these last 2 inches just don't want to be knit and I'm really looking forward to wearing you this weekend as the last cold front of the season moves in. I doubt it'll be cold in Miami again, and I'd like you to be the last sweater I wear while I still can!

Your loving knitter,

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Andean silk or Aurora 8?

Hi all! Newbie - my first knit-a-long, and my first foray into blogging as well (seeing as i haven't even posted anything on mine yet, it's not really a foray...yet). I have been eyeing this sweater for a few months and even bought a stash of yarn for it - Andean Silk by knitpicks. I'm trying to determine the wisdom of this yarn choice, as I have knit two hats with it and it seems to lose some shape and get quite a halo. The halo I can deal with - "it's fuzzy on purpose! it's part of the design, duh"! - but if it stretches our permanently or looks like crap at the end of the day, then I may just try to ebay the stash or use it for something else. I'm so OCD, I have so much yarn, it's scary, esp. since I have been knitting only since December. Anyway, would love to hear some comments. I plan on starting this soon and make it a summer project that I don't need to rush on.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Gold Star for Karen!

I finished my Tubey last week while visting my Mom in Anaheim. Thanks for all of the encouragement; I've really enjoyed this knit-along. I loved Carrie's sister's sweater so much, I decided that I wanted a purple Tubey. The only change to the pattern I made was in the sleeves, mine are fitted with a seed stich edging. Good luck, everyone!

Elann Peruvian Alpaca, Eggplant
8 skeins, size 6 needles

Friday, March 10, 2006

Purple Arms

I have about 20 more rounds to go on the last sleeve for Tubey:

Tubey - arm 2

Here is the finished arm:

Tubey - arm 1

So far, I love this. LOVE it. Easy to do, which is great for me. The only pain is that I have this long... tube... to keep turning all of the time when I knit.

And after trying on both arms last night... I already knew this, but me and shrugs just don't go. Especially considering how well endowed I am!

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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Hooray for my Tubey!


Here it is! My tubey in it's semi-knit glory! After ripping it out once already to get just the right size on the sleeve, it's coming along nicely now. I didn't get much knitting time in yesterday because I was trying to work on my website and this whole PHP thing is kicking my arse. I've never used it before and I'm trying to learn it, and it's just not working out the way I'd like it to, but I have a semi-knit Tubey and that makes me happy.


Here's what it looks like on my arm in it's semi knit state. It fits just the way I like it. I'm using the same colors as in knitty with the exception of the beige and wine colors that I have (wine isn't shown yet) because when I was buying the yarn brown and eggplant weren't available, so I got colors close to it or that I thought would look nice. I love the colors on it and how bright they are. I love how it's starting to fit me and I can't wait to finish it so that I can actually wear it, even though it'll probably be really hot seeing as I live in Miami and winter is all but over here, but who cares! I'll have a hand knit sweater!

Just Joined

After seeing so many of these sweaters out there and loving them, I had to start one myself. I really wanted to get rid of some stash yarn, and this just seemed to be the best way.

Sleeve #1 of Tubey

I am using the following yarns, on size 7 needles:

MC - Dusky Lavendar #1742 (Elann Peruvian Highland Wool)
Dk Blue - Cascade 220 #9449
Lt Green - Cascade 220 #9460
Dk Green - Cascade 220 #9461
Cream - Knit Picks Andean Silk

I actually finished the first sleeve yesterday and am going to start the next today.

So far, I am loving this. Something that I don't really have to "think" about and can do pretty much anywhere.

Question - Did anyone else make the sleeves shorter than the directions? Mine would have been down to my fingertips otherwise.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

PurlyQueen here again!

At long last I have finally started on the body. So now I've swapped from knitting what seems like an endless knitted small stockinette tube to a wider ribbed one.
The orange thing on the sleeve is a lockable stitch marker to make sure the sleeve increases matched up properly.

And here's a close-up:

I had made the neck opening too big. So before I started picking up stitches for the body, I made the opening smaller by using mattress stitch on either side.

Lots of people have had issues with the body being too baggy. So I'm going for an ultra-snug fit and knitting the smallest size. Let's hope I don't end up looking like a knitted sausage.

Friday, March 03, 2006

hey y'all!

I have been knitting like a fiend on my Tubey, even mentally slapping myself when I start to reach for yet another project to start.

Here's my progress thus far:

I'm using this color scheme:

Big geek that I am, I tried out a ton of different color designs in Photoshop, and this one was the best. I'm using Knitpicks Alpaca Silk. Does anyone know the best way to block this kind of yarn? I'm almost worried to wetblock it.

Everyone's tubeys are really inspiring for me to get off my butt and start knitting!